On your feet: How sit/stand desks are good for business   

We introduced sit/stand desks into the FoW studio earlier this year, and it’s no exaggeration to say our working day has been transformed for the better.

Being immobilised by our fixed height desks, for a large part of the day, felt outdated and out of step with the activity-based workplace we wanted to create for our new showroom and studio. The arrival of our showroom partner Assmann Bumomobel and their range of sit/stand desks gave us a good opportunity to make a change. But it’s fair to say, we had slight reservations about adapting to this new way of working.

Taking a stand 

Like the formation of all new habits, it took us a while to change our ways and remember to use the standing option. This was particularly true at the start of the day, or after lunch. It’s so easy to slump in your chair first thing. And before you know it, four hours have gone by and it’s lunchtime.

However, once some of these long-standing habits were broken, the desk started going up more often for shorter term tasks, such as emailing and quick phone calls. Surprisingly, I then found I was standing for 2-3 hours at a time and for focused longer tasks and project work. What’s more, I was finding it perfectly comfortable and even energising. Without having tracked the time exactly, I estimate we’re spending 25% less of our working week sitting than before.

Sitting is bad for you

Being forced into a sitting position for most of the day isn’t only bad for our physical health, it’s not good for our mental health either as the lack of movement can make us feel sluggish and unmotivated. A recent BBC article reported results from a trial where employees reduced the time they spent sitting at their desks by being allowed to work on their feet. The result? They were less tired and more engaged. We agree. We all feel more motivated in the FoW studio since the introduction of our sit/stand desks.

Get moving 

Encouraged by making the move to more mobile, day to day working, I’m planning to start running the three miles home. Something I’ll hopefully find it easier to do at the end of the day from my new standing position!