Tessellate wall panel

Sculptured. Rich. Warm.

Made from solid plywood with a low-sheen lacquer finish, Tessellate acoustic panels play with shadow and form to create a distinctive sculptural look that reduces sound and gives a natural, warm ambiance to interiors.

Why designers choose Tessellate

Standard acoustic panels, typically fabric-covered fibreglass or compressed polyester panels, don’t always offer the right look and feel for your interior project.

Tessellate, in comparison, with its distinctive combination of perforated timber facing, high performance acoustic foam core and angled reflecting relief, creates a sculptural feature with a refined simplicity that makes a visual impact as well as reducing noise.

Practical application

Thanks to its modular design, Tessellate is a practical choice for all kinds of commercial interiors, from the smallest meeting room or the largest reception area, to any acoustically challenged space.

Available in plywood with a wood veneer or colour lacquer finish, the distinctive panels, which hang from a simple metal bar system making them easy to install, can make an impression as an understated backdrop or as a bold artistic statement. in your chosen colour or finish.

Finished in a fire rated lacquer finish, Tessellate panels are made in the UK and simple to install, easy to clean and built to last.

How Tessellate acoustic wall panels reduce unwanted sound

Tessellate acoustic wall panels reduce medium and low frequency sound through absorption and diffusion.

Each Tessellate panel is backed with deep acoustic foam that maximises sound absorption. The small perforations in the plywood absorb noise, while the distinctive shape of the panels reduces noise reverberations by scattering sound waves in different directions.

“This product is particularly suitable for medium to large environments where you want to bring reverberation time down and improve the speech intelligibility whilst also reducing the general hubbub of the area.”

Dr Rob Oldfield, Acoustic Research Centre, The University of Salford

Product specification
  • Overall panel size (mm): 600 height x 200 width x 70 depth
  • NRC Rating 0.55
  • High performance acoustic absorbent foam core
  • Bs2 D0 fire rated solid plywood surface
  • Simple metal mounting bar
  • Veneer and painted finishes available
  • Designed and made in the UK

Lead time: 8 weeks

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See Tessellate in our partner's London Showroom

See Tessellate in our partner's London Showroom