About Friends of Wilson

The workplace is changing, and at Friends of Wilson, our vision is to respond to these changes with products that blend functionality and creativity to bring real benefits to the workspace needs of today’s workforce.

Whether you’re looking to divide an open plan space, create a welcoming reception, or reduce the hollow effect from too many hard surfaces in a meeting room, we can help.

With expertise in acoustics, product and interior design, we work closely with architects, interior designers and workspace planners to incorporate our sound absorbent room dividers, hanging screens and wall panels into office spaces that function well, look good and make people feel happy and motivated.

With Friends of Wilson you can now create unique and inspirational workspace interiors with good acoustics that are stimulating, comfortable and multifunctional.

About Lynne Wilson

About Lynne Wilson, Creative Director

Friends of Wilson was founded by Lynne Wilson, an experienced product, interior and 3D designer. In the early 00s Lynne’s Loopy Table was hailed as a design classic, and to date The Conran Shop, Harrods and the Design Museum have exhibited and sold her designs.

She has also worked as an interior designer at Ted Baker and as a freelance senior designer in London for leading creative agencies including Fitch and Portland Design. Lynne has also taught design at Napier and Southend Universities and gives talks on her creative process.

So why Friends of Wilson?

“Our business name reflects the open, friendly and collaborative way in which we work. As a design studio, our approach is grounded in the minimum use of materials and processes to create the maximum effect with products with vision and creativity.

Working closely with other designers and architects, we help create spaces that support new and existing ways of working, as well as being inspirational places to be.”

Get in touch to find out more about how our panels could benefit the look and feel of your project.

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