Facet hanging Screen

Modular. Sustainable. Warm.

Carving out new and natural work zones

Facet is an innovative modular pod screening system made from bamboo and 100% wool felt. Its elegant, pared back construction creates an effect that is honest, functional and understated.

With multiple design options available to create warm and welcoming, semi-private areas for solo working and group meetings, Facet is guaranteed to be a distinctive and valued addition to your modern office.

Why designers choose Facet

Facet speaks to a new direction in design, reflecting our complex times and desire for transparency, simplicity and longevity.

The entire system is held together with carefully designed wool felt tabs, eliminating the need for glue, stitching or separate fixings. Clever, natural and sound absorbent, Facet is both a product of its time and a design with timeless appeal.

facet hanging screen

Practical application

Facet is suspended on a curved pod hanging rail, made to suit the size and configuration of your space. Choose a C or S-shaped centrepiece for semi-private working area; a more enclosed pod for small group meetings, or a combination of both. Combine bamboo with felt panels in your chosen colour to create a unique installation that works with your scheme.

Quiet, private and inspirational workspaces that encourage collaboration and learning and stimulate creativity.

facet hanging screen

Product specification

  • Size options :  Half circle 1800 diameter x 900mm / 2100x1050mm / 2500x1250mm
  • Panel height : 2010mm 2410mm 2810mm
  • Custom sizes available
  • Lowered static hanging track
  • Felt panel available in nine colour options
  • 5mm thick 100% bamboo panel
  • 100% natural, renewable, biodegradable and non-toxic wool felt
  • Felt panel weight 3.7kg Felt density: 0.30g/cm3
  • Bamboo panel weight 185g
  • Natural flame resistant wool fibres tested to BS 5867: Part 2: 2008. 1997 Class 1Y. Passes Crib 5
  • Bamboo fire rating Class B under EN10501
  • Felt panels and track made in the UK, bamboo made in China, country of origin.

Product features

  • Sustainable, all natural materials (screen)
  • Modular design suitable for small or large spaces
  • Simple hand assembly requires no glue or separate fixings
  • Allows areas to be screened off while retaining an open plan feel
  • Diffuses sound and light for increased privacy and comfort
  • Create design configurations to suit your space
  • Self-extinguishing and inherently flame retardant wool fibres
  • Felt panels available in eight nature inspired colours

facet hanging screen

Static screens on lowered track

Adjustable height options

Bespoke sizes and configurations

Your project

We understand the importance of having the right information when you need it. Which is why we always respond quickly to product queries and pricing requests. Have questions on your project you’d like to discuss, or need images or material samples of Facet for a client presentation? Get in touch. We’d love to help out.

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Colour options

Solid bamboo with 100% wool felt panel