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The way we work has changed. Which means our workspaces have changed too. But open plan offices aren’t without their challenges. Think loud conversations, buzzing technology and other distractions.

Which is why, at Friends of Wilson, we create beautiful and practical architectural acoustic wall panels, hanging screens, and room dividers for open plan offices, formal meeting rooms, receptions, and glassfronted rooms.

Your creative vision

We work closely with architects, interior designers and workspace planners to help you achieve your creative vision with panels and screens that truly integrate into your space.

The result is exciting, flexible contemporary workspaces with reduced sound, which help people work, collaborate, learn and socialise.

Get in touch to find out more about how our panels could benefit the look and feel of your project.

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Featured project

Discover why RBS chose Flux for their head office

“Flux screens helped maximise the space and create quiet areas for focused working. Quality and durability is perfect.”

Maud Laurency, International Sales, Nowy Styl Group

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