Fresh ideas, timeless design for the workplace

Fresh ideas, timeless design for the workplace

Carving out new and natural workspaces.

Designed in house, Facet modular screen is an innovation in sustainable, contemporary design by Friends of Wilson.

Made from interconnecting bamboo and 100% wool modular sections, its paired-back construction and clever, simple design details create an honest, understated and elegant effect.

Create pod-like space without the disconnect of more enclosed design options. Combine the warmth of wood with natural wool-felt from a range of natural shades to create a unique installation for your space.

Explore multiple design options to create warm, welcoming, semi-private areas for solo working and group meetings. Facet's balance of simplicity and functionality showcases the best contemporary design or the modern workplace and is guaranteed to be a distinctive addition to any space.

Sustainability: Our approach

Waste-free manufacturing

We take a hands-on approach to our design for manufacture, which means using simple, functional techniques with original, clever details. Nothing unnecessary for the look and integrity of a product makes it into the process. And we minimise waste by making further products from offcuts.

Learn more about how we minimise waste in our product's design and production below.

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