The future of working from FoW – New brochure and designs

We unveil new designs in our beautiful new brochure this month plus a wonderful, nature-filled project case study.

FoW Brochure Cover

New brochure – our whole collection in one place

They say some things are worth waiting for, and in the case of our new FoW brochure, we think it’s true.

Not just another product catalogue, the brochure was created in close collaboration with a small team of talented designers and writers who share our passion for communicating the benefits of great design.

Encapsulating the spirit of FoW with storytelling and surprises, original ideas and insights, the brochure, of course, carries beautiful and useful design at its heart. 

Part portfolio, part sales catalogue – and part soon-to-be wonderful tangible thing of print beauty, you can explore what’s inside here: FoW Brochure 2021  We’ll be doing a print run later in the year, so do get in touch if we can send you a copy.

New website

And that’s not all. Our new website is now live: Here you’ll find all our new collection – and artworks. As well as our design classic, the legendary Loopy table.

Future of home brochure page

Looking to the future of work – and home

I spent any quieter periods of the last year giving form to some of the ideas I’d been exploring before we went into lockdown. These included thinking about the ever-increasing importance of sustainability, and need to create inviting, flexible workspaces. Spaces that as workers we want to return to, and to spend enjoyable and productive time in.

So as patterns emerge and evolve around the future of the office and working from home, we have three new designs that support a new direction and blended working scenario.

Facet modular hanging screen brochure

These new additions to our range include Facet, a modular hanging screen made of bamboo and wool felt suspended on a curved track to create elegant pod-like spaces at home or in the office.

Facet was developed to create semi-private zones for solo or collaborative working with ease, and bring a sense of emotional security and comfort, cushioning the impact of an uncertain and changing world.

Art for design lovers - cityscape

A splash of colour, a source of inspiration

It was my thinking around texture, form and abstraction that inspired the creation of Cityscape and Solar. A new collection of sound-absorbent abstract artworks. Each hand-finished piece is made from the same highest quality, German milled 100% wool felt we use in our screens and designed to bring calm inspiration to your workplace, whether that’s at home or in the office. 

Case study - Office HQ with Tessellate panels

Case study | Northern Gas and Power HQ, Riga, Gateshead

As we start to emerge from our homes and return to the office, there’s a lot of talk around the practical and emotional benefits of working in an office space.

With that in mind, I’m delighted to share a recent project that also saw me returning to my North East roots.

Working with AMH Workspace, FoW’s Tessellate panels form part of the warm, modern and citrus-fresh scheme in the new Northern Gas and Power HQ at the RIGA Building in Baltic Place, Gateshead.

Project designer, Heather Baxter, specified Tessellate as a feature to enhance NGP’s Feel Well Deli – a wellness café with zoned spaces for dining, collaboration, gaming, and relaxation.

Heather said, “The client specified that they wanted something tactile for the walls that would also have an acoustic benefit. They immediately loved Tessellate for all these reasons and the amazing colour choices available too, which tied in beautifully with the luxurious soft seating. The panels look like an art installation, and combined with the brilliant colourways, add immediate impact to the relaxation zone.”

See the full case study here : NGP Office

Have any questions on our products for your own projects? Get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

Until next time.

Keep well and keep creative,

Lynne Wilson, Director

P.S. We’ll be doing a print run of the new brochure soon. Please email with your postal address if you’d like us to send one to you or call 0141 221 1961.

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